Orthoptic shadow role

Orthoptic work shadow role

Orthoptic work shadow role


Do you have experience in facilitating work experience for school students looking for a career in orthoptics ?.

Would you like to make a significant contribution to improve the recruitment to orthoptic training and ultimately the sustainability of the profession ?.

HEFCE has awarded funds for a 2 year project to support recruitment to vulnerable AHP professions. Part of the project is to improve work shadow experience for school pupils considering a career in orthoptics.

To support this part of the project BIOS is recruiting an orthoptist to bench mark existing practice and bring about improved school student access to work experience in orthoptic departments.

To consider this role you will need to demonstrate that you have skills in providing effective work experience in orthoptic departments, be self motivated and organise your own project time. If you currently work full time you will need the support of your manager to be released from your post; alternatively you may work part time, have a career break or be recently retired. The successful candidate would be able to be flexible and offer time to suit the demands of the project which may be more intensive at the set up stage.

Payment will be by secondment from your work place enabling your manager to backfill your post or by invoicing BIOS at the daily rate.



Application by CV with cover note addressing how you meet the job description. Shortlisting will be made anonymously by trustees and interview will follow for selected candidates.


For informal enquiries and job description contact admin@orthoptics-bios.com

closing date Wed 30th May 2018.











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