Post Grad

Postgraduate study at the University of Liverpool (2018-19)

Human Visual Field Assessment HEAL 304 Level 6 (15 Credits)

Clinical Education (Practice and Theory) for Orthoptists ORTH 401 Level 7 (20 credits)

Clinical Education (Practice and Theory) for Orthoptists Level 6 ORTH 402 (15 credits)

Ophthalmic Care of Patients with Special Educational Needs (SEN) due to neurological impairment Level 7 ORTH403 (30 credits)

Specialist and Extended Roles in Neuro-ophthalmology Level 7 ORTH 405 (30 credits)

Advanced Neurology for Orthoptic Extended Practice Level 7 ORTH406 (10 credits)

School of Health Sciences PGC / PGD / MSc Advanced Practice (180 credits)


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